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Managed Teams

• We co manage the T&M Engagement with the Customer project Team .
• Our leads Manage the project
coordination responsibilities ,resource management, task allocation, Quality Assurance.
• We are responsible for team building, career pathing, and consultant performance measurement and evaluation activities.

Strategic Outsourcing

• Deliver defined project Scopes as Quality solutions in Timely manner in Flexible T&M model or Fixed Price Model
• Reduce time to market, enhance ROI using relevant technology, proven delivery processes and best practices,.

Profesional Consulting

• We Provide Technology Augmentation of Team to work with the Client Team in T&M Model. Across various technology
and roles.
• Customer own the Technology delivery and work output from the Consultant.


• Suited for Projects with Scope, Requirement Clarity
• Deliverables expected to be finite
• Adjusted expectation with ”Time to market”
• Experts on each phase, with handover and knowledge transition

Agile Delivery

• Suited for Projects with low Scope, Requirement Clarity
• Deliverables expected to be more responsive, agile as business challenges every day
• Time to market is key
• Cross functional Cohesive team working in one rhythm

Agile Factory Models

• Suited for Projects with Product Developments
• Deliverables expected to be Factory Model development based on Story
• Component Based Delivery Model.

Representative Clients:

Helped some of the world’s largest companies improve revenue, streamline business processes, reduce Go To market time and IT operational costs by 30% to 40%.