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Practice Highlights

  • 4+ years expertise in providing DevOps solutions to 30+ customers from various domains Healthcare, e Commerce, Travel, Financial, Logistics, Retail, Manufacturing, Networking and Social media , Energy etc.
  • Proven track record in delivering large Agile engagements
  • Deep expertise in DevOps consulting, assessment questionnaire, migration solutions, CI CD pipeline, infrastructure automation & provisioning and application monitoring
  • Experience across wide variety of DevOps tools In depth experience in Market leading and

           Open source tools and cloud platforms

  • Custom solutions engineering for automating workflows
  • Frequent deployments, faster time to recover from failure, shorter change lead time, better quality.

Cloud Services:

Cloud migration is a process in which an organization’s digital assets are developed in the cloud.

We offer your workforce relief from handling your date migration. We help to boost the spread, performance, scalability & security of your cloud adoption & transformation.

Our expert will guide you & help you design the best migration strategy and thereby execute a seamless migration & modernization to the cloud which is secure, cost-effective & agile.

We offer:

Our cloud migration services come up with a whole lot of industry-specific tools, methods & automation across all cloud models & multiple delivery methods.

  • Cloud migration discovery & analysis.
  • Cloud migration strategy.
  • Cloud migration planning.
  • Cloud migration speculation.

Cloud integration:

Our cloud integration guarantees a seamless flow of data & transformations across systems in hybrid environments. We speed up the capability hybrid cloud ecosystem by building an API layer for business service & social media platforms.

Our cloud integration services accelerate transition & reduce the cost of operations. And also we minimize cost by using cloud integration and reducing provision time.


  • Flexibility in sharing storing and accessing of date.
  • Scalability that allow for rapid changes.
  • The ability to combine all cloud application & on-premises system.

Employing cloud integration gives companies comprehensive access & visibility into their data as well as improved functional connectivity. Lastly, we operate by breaking down your data silos, improving connectivity and ultimately optimizing the business processes.

Cloud security:

High-profile security breaches have raised issues around the role of security in any cloud journey. But cloud security can enable better business outcomes.


Rapidly Identify gaps & stable a risk-aligned architecture & road for baseline cloud security that optimized current technology investor optimized detection & cloud security operations.  

Monitor public cloud cost-effectively & at scale using security tools & use cases to address evolving threats & complex regulatory requirements.

Cloud Advisory:

Our Cloud Advisory services enable you to identify suitable opportunities to leverage cloud computing services. We thrived to help our clients develop a cloud computing strategy. The strategy will include a cost-benefit analysis, road map for enterprise-mid cloud adaptation, migration & modernization plans.

Our cloud advisory services deliver an adaptation roadmap that results in agility, reduced cost, suitable & on-time delivery.


  • Cloud & application portfolio assessment framework.
  • Public, private & hybrid cloud operation framework.
  • Improved speed of cloud implementation with minimized risk.